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What Are Cake Pops and Why Are They Trending as Wedding Favors?

Cake pops are golf-ball sized morsels of cake crumbs mixed with frosting, rolled into a ball shape, dipped in chocolate, decorated with icing, and served on an embellished stick. The frosting mixture ensures a delightfully sweet, moist, crumbly dessert experience. These tiny treats are taking the wedding industry by storm, but what makes them stand out above other wedding favor ideas?

  1. Small, edible favors are a hit with guests. There is no need to transport this little dessert or to find a place for your wedding décor themed item in their home. Other wedding favor ideas require that you spend money on a personalized tchotchke in your wedding colors, which your guests will discard upon arriving home and finding that the favor clashes with their décor.
  2. Miniature desserts give a charming, personalized effect. Petit fours, macaroons, cupcakes, and dessert shots have all enjoyed the spotlight at celebrations in the past. Holding a monogrammed cake pop offers your guests an adorable photo-op and allows them to enjoy their sweet treat quickly before returning to the party.
  3. Distributing cake on sticks is far easier and less messy than slicing cake, dropping it on a little plate and shoving the little plates toward your guests at a pace that meets their desire for wedding cake.
  4. Transporting cake pops is far easier and less risky than praying nothing happens to a large, tiered traditional wedding cake on your local cake bakery truck. Why worry about keeping a cumbersome cake safely upright for hours when these miniature versions can be arranged in hundreds of ways to suit your wedding reception style?

Cake pops can be customized beyond just the color of the icing and the flavor of the cake. Swirling, dotted patterns and monogrammed initials, to name some examples, can easily be added by your trustworthy local cake bakery to give your wedding favors the personal touch you want for your guests.

Call to place your order for these charming treats today, or request a consult from one of our dedicated bakery artists to make your vision for your wedding reception a reality.