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What is a Smash Cake and Why Every Kid Needs at Least One!

Children’s birthday parties can be stressful events, and it’s easy to get worried about everything being neat and orderly. However, sometimes you’ve got to face the facts – young children are messy, and while it’s something that may aggravate parents to no end, sometimes you need to learn how to let go. Giving your child a personalized “Smash Cake” – a miniature cake designed specifically for your little one to destroy – can be a fun way to let loose and enjoy the delightful and adorable mess that results from it.

Why get a Smash Cake?

Typically for kid’s birthday cakes, especially for young kids, there will be two cakes – the main cake, which is larger and meant to be sliced and eaten by guests like normal, and the smash cake, which is smaller and designed for the lucky birthday boy or girl to gleefully wreck personal havoc on. If the family photos circulating the Internet have any grain of truth in them, they make for some quite adorable and memorable baby pictures, so make sure to have your camera at the ready when you serve up a smash cake to your little one!

This sounds unpredictable and messy! How do I deal with clean-up?

The whole point of the smash cake is to give your child an opportunity to make a big mess on their special day! Still, know that not everything will go as you expect, and if you want to be prepared you can use the following tips:

  • Avoid from blue or black colored frosting, which can stain your kid’s skin.
  • Spread a sheet or cloth on the ground underneath your child’s seat or high-chair to catch any falling crumbs.
  • Keep plenty of baby wipes on hand!
  • Try to be close to a bathtub or sink to make things easier.

What varieties of smash cake are available, and where can I order them?

Like most kid’s birthday cakes, smash cakes can come in a variety of colors, flavors, sizes, and themes, all depending on you or your child’s interests. You can consult your local cake bakery to see if they stock smash cakes or do custom orders on decorations on miniature cakes that can also work.

Interested in getting a smash cake for your special kid? Are smash cakes not available at your local store? If so, be sure to call our Raleigh cake bakery to place your order today!