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When Should I Order Decorated Cookies?

Cookies have become popular at all sorts of corporate and private events in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s easy to get decorated cookies to match any theme, they’re easy to distribute, and they seem much more casual than an elaborate cake. You can often get cookies from the same local cake bakery that would make that elaborate cake, and the bakers can help you choose which of the options is better for your event.

Corporate Events

The best way to make sure that people show up to an event is to promise them free food. Corporations have known this fact and relied on it for years. Corporate cookies are appropriate for both internal events and events involving the general public.

A business can hand out appropriately decorated cookies at essentially any internal event. They’re especially good for celebrating birthdays and promotions. Their main advantage over a traditional cake is convenience. It’s much easier for a business to make sure that it orders an appropriate number of cookies than it is to guess the right size for a cake, and choosing cookies means eliminating the need for forks and plates.

Corporate cookies that are decorated with a company’s logo are a good choice for public events. It’s a subtle way to market a company’s brand while keeping the focus of an event on something else. Since public events tend to have a lot of people, the convenience of cookies is also very relevant.

Private Parties

Plenty of private individuals choose cookies for their parties for many of the same reason as corporations. Most of them don’t need to worry about marketing, but the convenience factor can still be useful. The fact that cookies seem more casual than cakes or other options can also be appealing for private parties.

There are a lot of different events that can benefit from cookies, but a few of them are especially popular:

  • Cookies are a good substitute for cake at birthday parties. Decorate them with the celebrating person’s new age in their favorite color!
  • Graduation parties can benefit from their casual nature. Decorations might include a mortarboard cap or a symbol of the graduate’s major.
  • Casual holidays are a great time for cookies. Your local cake bakery can help you pick the right symbol with which to decorate them!

If you need cookies for one of your events, get in touch with our bakery today to place your order.