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Which Cake is King: Cupcakes or Cake Pops?

Move over cupcakes! The cake pop is the next big thing in bite-sized deliciousness. Or is it? There’s certainly no denying the appeal of these chic little cake-on-a-stick bites, but cupcakes have their own advantages. We compared both across four categories—flavor, portability, decoration, and versatility—to get a taste for which stands out.



For both desserts, your flavor options are virtually limitless. Working with a local pastry or cupcake shop lets you create flavor combinations that perfectly suit your event. Because cake pops are smaller, however, there are some limitations as to how many layers of flavor you can create. Custom cupcakes can be filled, frosted, topped with decorations or drizzled with sauces. While multi-layered pops may be an option, and the candy or chocolate coating provides a unique taste and texture, cupcakes just offer more real-estate for flavor.



When it comes to portability, the cake-pop wins hands down. There’s no carefully swirled frosting to avoid crushing. Their coating makes them generally less susceptible to melting at outdoor events. Like cupcakes, they don’t require much in the way of serving materials—all guests might need is a napkin—but at formal events, the prospect of accidentally smearing frosting on an expensive outfit will probably make the hands-off approach of cake-on-a-stick more appealing.



As with flavor, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decoration. Custom cupcakes can feature the same decorating techniques used on wedding cakes, while pops can be molded into novelty shapes, dipped in candy, drizzled with chocolate, and more. In this category, it’s a toss-up; each sweet treat has its own advantages and limitations when it comes to decoration. It’s best to talk with a cupcake shop or bakery about what you have in mind.



From backyard barbeques to high-end weddings, both these desserts are popping up all over. There’s no inappropriate occasion for either a cupcake or a cake-pop. Often, cake-pops are served as one of several dessert offerings, which might make them preferable for potluck or buffet-style events, while cupcakes make a stunning display on their own. It all depends on how you envision your event.


Which is the winner? Cake pops or cupcakes? We’re pretty sure the real winner is whoever gets to eat them. Contact our bakery today to place an order.