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Why are Custom 1st Birthday Cakes Such a Hot Trend Now?

When it comes to the subject of birthdays, every parent wants their child’s first to be as special, whimsical, and as memorable as possible, and now there’s a way for that special birthday boy or girl to get involved in the birthday festivities as well. “Smash cakes,” which are miniaturized custom cakes that your new one-year-old can dig bare-handed into with gusto, are a trend that’s been taking the many new parents by storm, and when we look at the amazing and scrumptious variations out there for smash cakes, it’s easy to see why.

Reasons Why Custom 1st Birthday Cakes are such a Hot Trend right Now:

1) The simplest and most honest reason would be that they are simply too adorable to pass up! Seeing your little one get to delightfully ravage their special dessert in a mess-friendly environment is an experience that any parent can appreciate.

2) A child’s first reaction to his or her first taste of delicious birthday cake sugar is absolutely priceless, so make sure to keep that camera on hand to record these memories!

3) Custom 1st birthday cakes are a great way to express you and your child’s individuality. There is no one “standard smash cake.” The sheer variety of smash cakes is enough to make any kid or parent excited. Do you like organic cakes? Colorfully frosted cakes? Cakes shaped like farm animals? Depending on your own interests or that of your child’s, a smash cake can come basically any color, design, or even shape!

4) They give your child a chance to have fun and get messy while exploring something new and exciting for them. How many times do kids get to make a huge, fun, unapologetic mess? Your child will definitely have a ball smashing their birthday cake and getting it all over their face, hands, and maybe even feet!

5) It still leaves room for the unexpected. One child, one cake…. what could possibly happen? Some kids like to dig straight in, while others are more cautious and like to poke gently at the frosting to test the waters a bit first. Every child reacts to their smash cake differently, and that’s just part of what makes it an exciting and unique experience.

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