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Why Baby Shower Cakes Are All the Rage These Days!

What do people love almost as much as a new baby? Why, throwing a baby shower of course! Baby showers are a chance for ladies to gather around the mom to be and offer advice, support and those many necessities newborns need upon arrival. If you’re hosting a baby shower, there is plenty to think about, from favors and decor to invites and food. And don’t forget about that cake! Cakes for baby shower parties are a key part of this rite of passage, and not something to be overlooked.

Baby Shower Cakes

Ever since the creation of the tradition of the baby shower, baby shower cakes have been instrumental for several reasons. One, it is customary to serve guests food so no one leaves hungry, and meals or snacks at parties typically include something sweet. Also, the cakes for baby shower parties often set the timeline, with the arrival of the cake acting as a marker to let guests know things are winding down.

A Sweet Treat

The baby shower cake also can act as a favor of sorts, with many people looking forward to taking home a slice or two to enjoy later. You can even arrange to have little take home boxes or bags at the ready to make this process easier. And don’t forget to give the mom to be a few slices; she might want to freeze them to enjoy later.

Custom Cake Shop

With the shower cake acting as such a key part of the baby shower, it is important to go with something delicious and high quality. Relying on a custom cake shop is the perfect solution. You get the best ingredients and a professional baking staff, and you get to customize your design. Showers typically have themes, and with a custom shop you can put together something that works perfectly for the party you are throwing. You don’t want just any old cake that has been churned out by the dozen, so go for something totally original.

Planning a baby shower is a fun and sweet endeavor, but don’t get so caught up in the fun of it all that your forget to make sure your bases are covered. By enlisting the help of a pro cake shop, you’ll have something your guest of honor is sure to love and always remember. Let our trusted staff help you out, and click here for a custom order!