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Our Apex Baker Shares Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cake From the Supermarket

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Supermarket Birthday Cake

One of the things we love most about working at Sweet Cherry Bakery is having the opportunity to make cakes that are truly special. In our humble opinion, a boxed cake from the grocery store simply won’t cut it. Here’s why ordering a custom bakery cake way better than a buying a cake from the supermarket.

Show Your Loved One You Care

A custom bakery cake takes time and requires planning. Bringing out a bakery cake says, “I have known for weeks that your birthday was coming up, and did not just find out this morning from a Facebook notification.” A boxed supermarket cake seems hasty and rushed, like the recipient is a last-minute, low priority in your life. With a bakery cake, you send the message, “You matter a lot to me, and I went the extra mile to get something just for you.”

Show Your Loved One You Know Them

A custom cake can be decorated to celebrate all of the recipient’s favorite things—colors, hobbies, movies, sports teams, and beyond. By ordering a custom cake, you show the recipient that you know all their favorite things. It shows so much more attention and care for the recipient’s unique personality than a mass-produced grocery store cake.

A Bakery Cake is Tastier AND Healthier

We’re not going to pretend that birthday cake is good for you. But bakery cakes are healthier than grocery store cakes in one big way—they have less chemicals and preservatives. For example, at Sweet Cherry Bakery, we use real butter, real flour, real eggs, and real sugar, whereas your average supermarket cake is pumped with additives that will make it last as long on the shelf as possible. The result is a cake that doesn’t taste half as good and has a list of chemical ingredients a mile long. As long as you’re going to spend the calories on cake, spend them on something that’s truly delicious!

Bakeries Have More Flavor Options

Supermarkets are notorious for having very little cake options. If you shop your local grocery store’s cake section, you’ll probably find chocolate-on-chocolate, vanilla-on-vanilla, and, if you’re lucky, carrot cake. Local cake shops like Sweet Cherry Bakery offer a range of unique flavors like raspberry, mint chocolate, lemon, and more.

Get the Best Birthday Cakes in Durham NC – Stop by Sweet Cherry Bakery

Don’t waste your money on a dry, boring, artificial cake from a grocery store! Sweet Cherry Bakery makes the best birthday cakes in Durham NC, using real, locally-sourced ingredients. Call us today to order your cake.