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10 Amazing 4th of July Dessert Ideas to Try This Year, from Our Raleigh Custom Baker

There’s no better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with delicious red-and-blue cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and beyond. From fruit pies worthy of a blue ribbon, to flashy flag cakes that will delight your guests, here are 10 4th of July dessert ideas guaranteed to make your Independence Day gathering a hit.

4th of July Flag Reveal Cake

Inside this seemingly-understated red, white, and blue-sprinkled cake hides hides a show-stopping American flag design that will blow everyone away. Flag reveal cakes take a lot of time and effort, so we recommend ordering one from a local bakery.

4th of July Cake Pops

Cake pops are a fun, cute way to inject some sweetness into your 4th of July festivities. Cake pops are also popular with party-throwers because they’re hands-free, so you can hold a pop in one hand and a drink in the other, and mingle as you please. Kids love them, too, and clean-up just involves throwing away the stick!

Very Berry Red White and Blue Pie

Cake can be a little heavy, and for some guests, too sweet. A homemade pie filled with fresh summer strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries is a super-easy and very American way to celebrate the 4th.

Mini Cherry Pies

Why worry about making every slice the same size when you can give each guest his or her own personal mini-pie? Topped with heart- or star-shaped pastry cut-outs, mini-pies are a hit with adults and kids alike. 

Patriotic Cookie Cake

A patriotic cookie cake can be made quickly, and is therefore usually less expensive than a full cake if you order it from a bakery. Opt for a classic chocolate chip cookie cake decorated with red, white, and blue M&Ms, or choose a fruit version with a sugar cookie base, creamy vanilla frosting, and fresh summer berries on top.

4th of July Ice Cream Cake

Of course, nothing says “summer” like ice cream! Layer colorful, frosty layers of vanilla, red cherry, and blue cotton candy ice cream to make this cool and colorful dessert. Finding blue cotton candy ice cream can be tricky, as it isn’t sold in most grocery stores. We recommend heading to your nearest ice cream chain and ordering a pint to take home.

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