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Wow Your Guests with These 4 Unique Dessert Buffet Ideas from Our Raleigh Wedding Cake Baker

There’s nothing like a dessert bar to bring out the little kid in all of us. Having a massive, beautiful table covered with colorful bonbons and treats is a great way to make your event stand out, while simultaneously satisfying multiple tastes and preferences. Sure, you’ll always want to order a wedding cake for the bride and groom, but a dessert bar is another fun way to treat your guests. (As an added bonus, most of these treats can be packed up and sent home with guests as party favors!)

A S’mores Bar

We’re suckers for a good DIY bar, because they give guests something to do and make the party more participatory. S’mores are pretty inexpensive, too, and easy enough for your littlest guest to assemble. Just set out some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, as well as more unique ingredients like sliced fruit, caramel, and bacon. If you don’t want to use a campfire or grill, you can make a low-cost s’mores roasting station out of a planter box.

Cake Pop Station

Cake pops are whimsical, adorable bites of sweetness that offer a superior desert advantage—they’re on a stick. That means your guests can mingle and chat while eating them, with no forks or plates to worry about. Cake pops can be customized to look like pretty much anything, and they can be easily wrapped up and sent home as favors.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

The same concept as the s’mores bar, but with ice cream. Splash your table with every topping you can think of—sprinkles, fruit, chocolate chips, cut-up candy bars, gummy bears, and cereal—and add bananas, cups, cones, napkins, and spoons. Stash the ice cream in the freezer until it’s time to serve, and then let your guests go crazy.

Gourmet Cupcake Station

Ice cream does present a problem because you have to keep it cold, and charge someone with bringing it out and scooping it at the right moment. S’mores also present the risk of having live fire with children, pets and parents running around. One classic, but safe solution is a good old fashioned cupcake bar. Cupcakes are a hands-free and perfectly portioned option that can make everyone happy. If you’d like to include some DIY fun, you could set up various sprinkles and toppings for guests to add to their icing.

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