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Why Choose A Custom Wedding Cake?

A wedding is a big day, and it’s important to get everything right. The wedding cake is one of the most eye-catching things at the wedding, so it deserves some special consideration. Custom wedding cakes from a local cake shop are a good way for the bride and groom to express themselves and symbolize their […]

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Tying the Knot: Making the Groom Feel Momentous with a Groomsman Cake

Weddings are an exciting time for newlyweds and those who attend the festivities, but the credit is given only to the bride far too often. Surely the groom may act as if he does not care and is proud to give credit to his spouse, but people must not forget that it is his day […]

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Custom Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes… Sweet Treats for Any Occasion

When you think about wedding cakes, you might think of the large designs that feature flowers, fountains and other decorations that are sometimes extravagant. While these cakes are still used, there are some couples who are using smaller cakes and even cupcakes as a way to have a sweet treat at the reception. The Dazzling […]

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