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6 Creative Wedding Favors That Will Delight Your Guests!

Handing out wedding favors is a sweet way to thank your guests, but it can be tough to find meaningful items that won’t end up collecting dust for years after the reception. Below are some creative wedding favors your guests are bound to appreciate! Mini Champagne Bottles After your wedding ends, keep the celebration going […]

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How to Preserve a Wedding Cake so It Lasts as Long as Possible!

The fun of enjoying a custom wedding cake doesn’t doesn’t stop at the first cut. Many newlyweds opt to follow the tradition of saving, freezing, and storing their cake’s top tier, to be shared on their first anniversary the following year. While some couples rely on their wedding cake bakery to do the post-wedding preservation (some […]

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The Top 4 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Cakes of All Time

Here at Sweet Cherry Bakery, we specialize in making affordable wedding cakes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun ooh-ing and ahh-ing at some of the biggest, wildest celebrity cakes ever confected! From impossible heights to exquisite decorations, here are some of the most jaw-drapping celebrity wedding cakes we’ve ever seen. If you need […]

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Five Reasons to Choose Cupcakes Over a Wedding Cake – Bakeries in Garner NC

Cupcakes For My Wedding? Here’s Why It’s a Good Idea It’s becoming more and more of a trend for brides to offer cupcakes at their weddings instead of cakes—and we think it’s a great idea. Sure, you might miss out on the big cake cutting ceremony, but you’ll save big time on money, hassle, and […]

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Cakes or Cupcakes for Your Wedding: 6 Tips to Help You Decide

After hours of dancing and dining on decadent cuisine, your guests are likely eager for some dessert. In order to please their palates and your own, keep these tips in mind when selecting your wedding cake or wedding cupcakes. Dietary Restrictions When ordering wedding cakes, you should articulate dietary considerations to our Cary NC wedding […]

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Custom Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes… Sweet Treats for Any Occasion

When you think about wedding cakes, you might think of the large designs that feature flowers, fountains and other decorations that are sometimes extravagant. While these cakes are still used, there are some couples who are using smaller cakes and even cupcakes as a way to have a sweet treat at the reception. The Dazzling […]

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